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Why Ferocious Results?

Ferocious Results is about creating a reclamation of fitness. For the last couple decades, people have been confused by charlatans and sales people hucking wild ideas, products, and notions into the mainstream. Today the world is faced with the worst rates of obesity, heart disease, metabolic syndromes, poor hormonal profiles, sub-par physical ability, and just general well-being since we left the caves.

Maybe you're like I was once. Certain that some complicated (but really convincing!) fitness routine, nutrition plan, or supplement was going to help you reach your goals. Despite doing the most cutting edge stuff, where do most people end up? Spinning their wheels, getting frustrated, and not seeing results (or worse, going backwards!).

Ferocious Results seeks to be an avenue where we disperse the simplest, truest, and most productive fitness and nutrition guidelines through articles and personal coaching. Ferocious Results seeks to change fitness by simplification and the change lives through results.

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